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Georgetown Memory Project (GMP)

Since 2015, Judy has been the lead genealogist in the Georgetown Memory Project, a project to trace the lives and descendants of some 272 slaves sold in 1838 by Georgetown University to plantation owners in South Louisiana. She has worked to locate documents regarding those slaves and to trace their descendants to the present day. The GMP has been featured in:

The GMP is an independent group founded by friends, allies, and alumni of Georgetown University. Their mission is to:

  • Identify the people sold in 1838
  • Locate their living descendants
  • Acknowledge them as members of the Georgetown family
  • Honor their sacrifice and legacy

For more information or to join, email them at joinGMP@gmail.com.

Click here for a PDF file of a 62-page article entitled "The Lost Jesuit Slaves of Maryland, Searching for 91 people left behind in 1838." and click here for the 2019 update. To access the Georgetown Memory Project's GU272 Ancestors and Descendants databases, visit American Ancestors' GU272 Memory Project's website. You must first create a free account.


Jean Baptiste Legrand: His French Origins, Louisiana Descendants, and Relatives Around the World
by Judy Riffel
Paperback, 106 pages
ISBN 9781329554047
This is the story of Judy's maternal ancestor, Jean Baptiste Legrand. A native of a small town in northern France called Festubert, he came to Louisiana in 1848 and settled among the Cajuns of South Louisiana. Her book explores his French ancestry, collateral relatives, and descendants in Louisiana. The book also includes numerous historical and family photographs, an appendix on the Usé family, and a full-name index.
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Other Books by Judy Riffel

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