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Judy Riffel is a professional genealogist with over thirty-five years experience. Based in Baton Rouge, she specializes in Louisiana records and research.

Research services available

  • Look ups and record copying
    If you need simple lookups and copies of original or microfilmed records, Judy can obtain paper copies, or in many cases, digital copies delivered via e-mail or Dropbox. See the Repositories link for a list of libraries, archives, and parish courthouses she visits regularly.

  • Image searches
    Many collections in Louisiana archives and libraries contain photographs, maps and other images. Judy has experience searching for specific images needed to illustrate books, articles, exhibits, and documentaries.

  • Genealogical analysis and problem solving
    If your genealogical problem requires detailed analysis or simply a fresh pair of expert eyes, she can help you. These types of cases usually involve many more hours than simple lookups. To save time, it is advisable to formulate your research questions and organize your supporting documentation ahead of time. After completing her analysis, Judy will provide a written report of her findings.

  • Translation of French and Spanish historical documents
    Most of Louisiana's colonial period (pre-1803) records are written in French or Spanish. French is found in some parish records even into the mid-19th century. Judy has many years of experience translating and abstracting old records, as evidenced by the body of work she has produced in her numerous books and articles. She can provide either abstracts or verbatim translations, depending on your needs.

  • Specialization in French, Spanish, Acadian and African American research
    Louisiana is a true melting pot. While Judy researches most Louisiana ethnic groups, her expertise includes French, Spanish, Acadian, and African American families.